kagamine rin, your favorite idol, speaking!

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• • • ♚ ⊱ Yo ! I just started a「Namine Ritsu」roleplay blog and hope to make some more friends in the VOCALOID community, as well as to improve my writing and have some fun!

☾ ; android-verse (though human!aus are fun too!)

☾ ; rad super flexible mun. you might know me as kaga-mine or cvo2 or somethin’ else!

☾ ; oc, multi-fandom, and au friendly!
☾ ; para-script, one-liners, and all things in between are cool!
☾ ; replies will typically be delayed due to school work and life, but don’t be afraid to ever talk to me!
☾ ; all I ask is that you read the rules and about pages before following, as well as send an ask if you would like a starter. it’s nothing scary, I promise! I’m actually 500% lame.

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                                    — I hope that gave a good amount of insight concerning how this hella dork blog will run! Thank you for reading, and have a lovely day life!  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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imagine all the people who are searching for hatsune miku
and they find the dominos video

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{ ♪ } → αu ; bє ѕαƒє

 ❝ Until my voice grows hoarse,

              ƃ u ı s    ǝ ɯ     ʇ ǝ ן }

           ...All day long.

Ready tø perform, Kagamine Len 」—? 

[!] A new reflection is sighted! [!]

themaletwin is ready to jam!
au / hospital

♬ - ♪ - ♬ - ♪ - ♬ - ♪ - ♬ - ♪ - ♬ - ♪ - ♬ - ♪ - ♬ - ♪ - ♬ - ♪ - ♬ - ♪ - ♬

— {♬} Hands shaking uncouthly at her sides, uncontrollable, even when faced with reality itself.

           To be honest, it was a reality she would have preferred forgotten. Deleted. Erased. But wishing for the impossible had never accomplished anything; as a newbie diva wishing for an extra inch of snow to cancel school (hey, so what if it was summer and sweltering?) to a famous idol, praying for telepathic abilities; wishing was a risky business. Not one to put faith in, given the probability of ahem zero percent of wishes actually coming true.

           ”Len-nii, tell ‘em you’re fine.”


           Another selfish demand, escaping with the usual uppityness, but more strained than ever before. Pathetic. A glance at him and she’s already feeling sick to her stomach. It would be terrible if he did tell them that he was fine. A clear lie. Maybe they’d wheel him off to the psychiatric ward after this for even listening to her lame suggestions? …Not funny.

           So after hours of waiting to finally see what this idiot had gotten himself into — though it was a lie for her to even think of him as an idiot, ah…a… — that was the only conversation she could choke out? Not even a decent joke, just lame and stupid and ridiculous and awkward, certainly not enough to help him…!

           Concern and guilt did not sit well with her. Stomach performing intense aerobic exercises, a billion cartwheels maybe more, and the dizziness returned to her head at the sight of the other’s bandages. Man… What had he done to get this bad off anyway? Please be safe, Len-nii.

            Another hesitation; completely out of character, almost foreign to her in comparison to the usual nonstop chattering. This is serious. An attempt to reach out to touch his cheek only resulted in a partially extended hand until guilt caught up to her again; withdrawing before contact was even made. Eyes diverted again. This is all too new to her.


            “…What happened?”


“She didn’t care about anything,

                               or maybe she cared too much.”

ღ  —  Independent V2 + V3  Gumi Megpoid RP blog.

ღ — 3 years rp experience (1 on tumblr).

ღ Mun is underage so no smut, but gore and violence is okay.

ღ  OC / Crossover / AU friendly.

“After all my dear,
                               we’re just shadows of what we want to become.”

plea s e don’t hoard these urls to hurt me but like i want t o make a namine ritsu blog an d need url id e as ? ? ?any suggestions ?? my ideas so far are like : 


  • rxtsu
  • dxleted
  • namineritsus
  • fushojiki (dishonest)
  • sakujosuru (delete)
  • shokyos (erase + s)
  • kowaretas (broken + s)
  • guritchis (glitch + s)
  • gosado (malfunction)
  • utxu (song with x instead of a for some reason)

disclaimer;; i dont know japanese so like om g google translated urls

r r r e comm mend me u rl stho ugh h h !!!!!omgomg im feelin’ a ritsu bu t im so late with replies b u ut ?¿????

Anonymous 尋ね:
are you actually kagamine rin because you have me convinced


cvo1 尋ね:
DESPITE RIN BEING SO GIrly she cannot fix her hair (or others unless theyre trying to achieve the exploded look) and requires help from other vocaloids!!! and wow len can do neater styling than rin ;; sometimes he even helps rin out and then rin will ask if she can do his hair next and then.. :^( sorry len bad move to say yes to it

cries bc y e s 


len is really careful and gentle with doing hair, and hes gotten really good at it ! he likes the feel of hair a lot, but thats weird to many, so he usually doesnt do anything unless asked to, and even if he is, he’d probably be like “are you sure” and “if i mess up, you can undo it all. but i probably will mess up.” and “im not good at this”

but hes honest very skilled wo w

rin meanwhile has a weird sense of style and a total lack of skill when it comes to these things !! she usually pretends not to care for cute girly things, but who are we kidding. but despite this secret love, she has no idea how to do it and gets frustrated with hair bc no wait what, in the animus and mangos it’s perfectly acceptable for hair to do like a 180° from standard position ? ? if she’s feelin’ cheeky though, she’ll just tie knots in people’s hair when they’re not looking (but only friends though bc strangers are scary)

her hair is usually just the four pins and the white bow (the bow is law, always keep it there, worship the bow) ; if she’s ever scared or if there’s a big event, there’s like this unspoken kagamine code that len’ll just brush a strand of hair from her face to fasten in the pins and he gently puts on her bow and smiles at her and then turns red when she grins back and its like “good luck , you can do it” and she just laughs at him but it makes her feel so much better

cvo1 尋ね:
rin's pranks: dresses up as len randomly and does weird stuff that will embarrass the real lenkun after

headcanon accepted!!


and it’s like she never ever tells him. so she does some dumb stuff dressed as him (she can copy his nervous habits too ; time together can do that stuff to a girl ! but she’s not too great at mimicking his tone; it’s a pretty good impression, but if you listen hard enough, you can tell its her — so she usually avoids speaking when in disguise, very hard feat. but the main distinguishing feature is figure, so if you just touch her shoulders, you can probably tell it’s rinrin ; but of course, few people ever think to do this) oh and like the next day, meiko yells at len for breaking like a vase or something and he’s just like ??¿ that wasn’t me though, what, what do mean, do i sleep walk, should i see a doctor?

…and rin just sits there, secretly laughing at the poor child

cvo1 is the bestestestest and you should all send her love bc !!!!!1



Happy Birthday to my precious babies! Here’s to 6 wonderful years~

rushed art is rushed orz

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